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Artist This Wild Soul


Hi! I'm Alice, a British artist with a big laugh and an even larger sense of adventure.

I come from a background in high-level sport and find I'm happiest in flow state - completely out of my head and immersed in the moment. I used to find flow mostly when I competed, now I find it most when I'm travelling, coaching athletes or being creative... particularly making art! -As you'll find on this site... but in my spare time I like to write, dance with fire, sing, design festival wear, act... you get the idea... In my experience, the more you let your inner child out to play and create, the more creative you become!

Learning new skills, connecting with people from different walks of life and travelling off the beaten path are some of my favourite things to do. Whether it's staying up to see the sunrise at Burning Man, wild camping in the mountains or hitchhiking with locals in Africa, I believe life is for living and in my opinion, the more crazy, interesting experiences you get to have, the better!

Through brush strokes and camera clicks,

I aim to create work that encourages you to add to your bucket list, uplifts your spirit and sparks your sense of wonder for the world around us; so life feels a little less mundane and a little more magical!

Join me for the ride on instagram @thiswild.soul

and stay tuned for my latest creative adventure.

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