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Classic camera

Over the years I've found certain products and apps better than others and a few little hacks that have made a huge difference to my workflow. This is a quick list of the things I think are brill.


You can scroll and check them out on this page or read the full reasons why I rate and use them by clicking one of the following links:

Art Supplies & Toolkit

Creative Resources & Books

- Tech -

Image by Corinne Kutz

Macbook Pro 16" 32GB RAM

I cannot even begin to say how glad I am I bought this Macbook Pro. Apple is a must for me, OSX is so intuitive & being able to Airdrop files between this, my ipad and iphone is amazing. The 16" screen is awesome for editing photos or creating art work and I like to run a whole bunch of applications and web pages at once and this is the first time a machine has just handled it.


Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

I use this high quality scanner to scan in art works so they can be edited and uploaded to print manufacturers.


G-Drive External SSD 2TB

My main workhorse- Good value, small, robust and fast. This dude is 1000 pounds crush resistant, IP67 water/dust resistant & 3m drop tested. You can get him with a USB-C so no need for adapters 💃


Sony Studio Headphones

Classic, comfortable and extremely accurate. They may not be the sexiest but these near tone perfect headphones are still used by the BBC and other recording studios the world over for good reason, and they don't break the bank.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Ipad 12.9"

I use this with Astropad App -a total game changer for me when I found it. Astropad turns the ipad into a visual graphics tablet you can use with photoshop. It synchs with your screen via bluetooth or cable and there's virtually no lag, it's pretty amazing. There is limited pressure sensitivity so a tablet is still better in that regard but for travelling this is brilliant. I also use it with the kindle app when I go away- although I like the feel of real books, I like the extra luggage space more.


Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

Amazing bit of kit for the ipad. I use this with the Procreate app and the pressure sensitivity is amazing. It's also great for taking notes using Goodnotes.

adata ssd.jpg

ADATA External SSD 1TB

I take this little guy everywhere, he's military grade shockproof and IP68 dust and water proof -great for taking with you when you're not sure what the day might hold. I formatted him to ExFAT so he can handle both Mac and PC. You can read a guide how to format disks like that here.

novo port adapter.jpeg

Novoo USB-C Port Adapter

The only thing about macbooks I don't like is their lack of ports, but this does the job. It has an SD reader, 2x USB 3.0 slots, TF and HDMI slot.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24"

At the moment I'm saving to upgrade to this Cintiq Pro. I currently use a Wacom Intuos- I've had it over 10 years & despite changes in laptops/software it's still working seamlessly. Wacom's pen pressure sensitivity is second to non and it definitely outstrips the ipad, but there really is nothing like seeing your image bellow your pen tip for an intuitive experience which is why this one is my top pick.


Paperlike Screen Protector

If you're drawing on the ipad this feels so close to paper with the apple pencil- just do it.


WD External HD 4TB

This is my backup disk, I use Timemachine to synch and backup all my hard drives including my macbook to this. HDs are significantly cheaper than SSDs but because they have moving parts unlike the SSDs they're more prone to fault & they're slower, so I always leave this one at home.


Dry Bag

When I travel I take a small dry bag to put my external drives and passport etc in, and a larger one to fit my camera and laptop in if I think there's a chance I'll be going somewhere where they could get wet (think monsoon season, beaches or boats). Mine isn't sold anymore so if I replace it it'll be this one -it's so pretty! 

- Camera Equipment -

fuji 35mm lens.webp

Fujinon XF35mm F1.4 R

Small and very light, great for portraits, product photos or capturing artwork.

hoya lens filters.jpg

Hoya Filters

Always Hoya filters. My zoom travel lens takes a 67mm.



Tiny and robust they're a must have for adventures.

dji osmo gimbal.jpg

DJI Iphone Gimbal/Tripod

If you intend to take videos on your Iphone this is a game changer, it makes them so smooth it looks like a movie -my friend once commented it looked 3D after I shot walking through a forest. It also works as a desktop tripod and you can operate it from the control on the grip.

fuji xt5.jpeg

Fuji X-T5 Mirrorless Camera

I ADORE my Fuji, I actually use an X-T3 but as soon as I can afford to I want to ubgrade to the latest version which is the X-T5. I used to have a Nikon DSLR of which I was not a fan. This takes beautiful photos and being mirrorless it's super light (amazing for travel). It's small and retro looking so it doesn't freak people out when you're taking their portrait. I also love the fact a lot of the settings are adjustable on the camera body (which is weather proofed) it makes it easy to see what they're all set on and super intuitive to adjust.

sandisk extreme pro sd.jpg
tarion backpack.jpg

SD Extreme Pro Cards

Fast and never had one fail on me yet. I prefer to have several medium sized ones than a couple of huge ones because it means I can use 1 for a couple of days then swap it out and put it in my SD protective case which I don't take out on day trips, this helps decrease the risk of losing all my photos if my camera gets damaged or stolen during a trip.

Camera/Laptop Backpack

This bag is so functional I love it. It has side and front access that makes it super easy to get your camera out and chest straps to take the weight off. It also has a waterproof cover with high vis and double zippers mean it can be locked with travel padlocks. The detachable laptop case has space for an ipad and although it says it fits a 15.6" it fits my 16" macbook just fine, and the case sits to your back, so while it's on no one's getting at it! -literally could not be more ideal.

Image by Ben Kolde


Awesome for many reasons but especially great that I can synch and airdrop things between my phone, ipad and macbook pro seamlessly -I love that I can copy text on my iphone and press paste onto my laptop... sorry what?! Cray. It takes amazing photos and video, so long as you don't want to print them it's even better in low light than my camera! This makes it especially great if you're off on a days active adventuring and it's not convenient or safe to take your proper camera... e.g. white water rafting.

fuji 18-135mm lens.jpg

Fujinon XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6

Great for travel - won't go anywhere without it! This is a relatively compact zoom with added stabilisation which takes beautiful photos.

sd card case.jpg
polaroid camera.jpg

SD Protective Card Case 

This case is an essential bit of kit, it stops my SDs from getting lost or damaged and if I swap out my sim card for a local one while I'm travelling, I put mine in here for safe keeping. It's also waterproof 👌 I won't travel anywhere without it.

Fuji Polaroid Camera

I love this little thing, a lady came up to me at my first Burning Man, asked if she could take a photo and then gave me the photo to keep- it was so unexpected and lovely! There's something magical about knowing there's only one of each pic in it takes in existence. Mine has gone to Burning Man with me twice, I often take it parties or friends birthday dinners -as that lady taught me -a gifted polaroid snap is a sweet way to make someones day

gooseneck phone holder.jpg

Goose Neck Iphone Holder

Ideal for taking work-in-progress videos, time lapses, recording tutorials or even just facetiming friends. I used to try to use a regular gorilla tripod and it drove me nuts because it would fall over constantly or I just wouldn't be able to stack enough books to get it high enough on the desk for the right angle, using this makes life so easy and it's super quick to set up.

- Software -


Adobe full suite

I mainly use:


Photoshop CC




After Effects

Acrobat Pro 


Really recommend memorising your most used shortcuts, it'll cut your time in 1/2.

-you can download the shortcut crib sheet for Photoshop here:    


Microsoft Word/Excel
Ableton Live

- Website -



- Fonts & Creative Assets -


Creative Market

- Stock Photos -



Adobe Stock


- Print/Manufacturing -



Printed Mint



- levelling up -




- Useful Apps​ -


(for anyone - not just creatives)


Organisation & project management -I use mine like an online pinboard.


Like an online anything board- planner, timetable, mind map, mood board, decision making tree... name it!


Have multiple digital notebooks on your phone/ipad.

Astro Pad (standard version)

Invaluable! Turns your ipad into a graphics tablet!


Amazing drawing app with great pressure sensitivity and brushes.

Lightroom Mobile

Editing photos on the go.

Color Story

Great for organising photos for your feed.


Books without the weight or baggage space & bonus -it's more eco friendly.

You can get a free trial for 30 days using this link


Time is precious, check the ratings before you read.


Audiobooks -I like to listen while I edit photos, paint, run or on long journeys.

You can get a free trial for 30 days using this link


Music = decoration for the soul







Best App for booking tours because you can reserve now pay later (great for checking weather closer to the time) and you're able to cancel up to 24-48 hrs before giving you heaps of flexibility.


Usually comes in cheapest for flights.


Easiest place to find & book hostel accommodation anywhere in the world.

Trip Advisor

Cross reference reviews from google with this place.

Find My

I sometimes like to travel solo so I always have a bunch of friends & fam who can check in and see where I am, just in case... and the bonus is mum doesn't worry so much when she can see my little dot moving about between islands 😂


Easy way to learn some of the local language.


Wildcamping spots.


Bit of a random one but this app transformed my plant parenthood abilities - honestly if you have several plants just do it, you'll thank yourself later 🤍🌿

✨ So there you go, those are some of my tech recommendations for creatives, hope you find them helpful! ✨

Please note some links on this page may be affiliate. I only recommend products I believe are great, they are things I recommend to friends/family. If you choose to buy through one of these links it doesn't cost you anything, Amazon foot the bill, it just helps me to continue creating art.

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