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Art Buying Guide

Want original art that satisfies your taste, looks amazing in your home and makes a great investment? This art buying guide lists key questions every art buyer should answer before they invest!

Art collectors look at art in art gallery

Art Buying Guide things to research and think about when buying your art:

  • Are you buying it to enhance your home, as an investment, or both?

  • Can you see the art being something you'd like to look at for years or is it something you are likely to have for a period of time and then sell on?

Things to consider about the artist you have your eye on:

  • Does the artist have a website?

  • What’s the artists story? - Do you feel a connection to the artist and/or the specific work you are interested in?

  • Is the artist just starting out or are they well known?

  • Does the artists sell through reputable online or physical galleries?

  • Does the price of the artists work reflect similar prices of work sold in the past with a slight increase?

  • What is your budget? Does this artists work fit in that range?

If the main purpose of the art is to decorate your home:

  • How do you want the art to make YOU feel in your home?

  • What impression or feeling do you want the art give to visitors and guests?

  • Does the art style fit with your decor? For example, as much as you might like a Dali style surrealist painting, it may not look so lovely in your boho beach-front house in California....

  • Will the colour scheme go with your decor?

  • Is the art topical and of the moment or is it timeless? Does this matter to you and what is your preference?

If you're buying art as an investment:

  • Research and see if there are previous resale prices of artwork for this artist and whether they have increased in value.

  • What is your goal for how much of a return you want on the investment?

  • How long do you want to keep the art before you want to see a return on your investment?


Buying art is a super fun process but it's often quite an investment and if you are a first time art buyer or new collector, working through these Art Buying Guide questions can make you feel more assured in your choices and hopefully enjoy the end result more!

If you found this article helpful, please share it with others and do let me know your thoughts.

And in the meantime, happy art buying!!


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