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5 Amazing ways businesses benefit from murals

Picture this: strolling through a bustling city street and suddenly – bam! – a splash of colour grabs your attention. I'm diving deep into the world of murals and how they spectacularly benefit businesses. Ready for the journey? Let's paint the picture together...

The Mural marketing Phenomenon: Not Just a Pretty Facade

In today's Instagrammable age, where every click counts, murals have risen from mere decorative elements to powerful business assets. They're not just canvases of creativity; they're strategically positioned brand storytellers. And stories, are worth their weight in gold!

Quote Wall Mural Graphic Design

How Murals Boost Business: The Beautiful Perks

  • Picture-Perfect Promotion: Murals naturally encourage social media shares. Everyone wants a photo! Think of them as free billboards in the digital realm, amplifying brand visibility without you lifting a finger.

  • Setting The Tone: A curated mural can convey a brand's ethos in a heartbeat, setting the stage for customer engagement and loyalty.

  • The Rise of Mural Tourism: Murals don't just capture the attention of passers by, but often act as an attraction in themselves! Many travel blogs, city guides, treasure hunts, apps and maps, now list murals as must visit destinations to tourists. Murals are often a main reason why areas become trendy destinations. Just think of Shoreditch and Camden in London, or The Lanes in Brighton! -Highly popular with tourists and locals alike...

  • Setting you apart from the competition: In today's bustling market, differentiation is more than just a strategy; it's a necessity. Businesses are vying for attention, each clamouring louder than the next. Enter murals, the silent yet potent game-changers. A mural does more than just adorn a wall; it embeds your brand into the memories of those who encounter it. While competitors might rely on traditional (and often forgettable) advertising, a striking mural speaks volumes about a business's creativity, innovation and connection to their community. It's not just art; it's a statement setting your space and brand miles apart from the homogeneous crowd.

Angel Wings Wall Mural with girl having photo taken

Mural Magic: Where They Shine the Brightest

  • Hotels & Airbnbs: Imagine checking into a place and being greeted by a mesmerising mural. It’s a selfie to take, an instant story to share, a memory in the making and something that makes a location hard to forget. A strategically placed mural serves as an attraction. Enhancing guest experience, they often become a key selling point.

  • Cafes, Restaurants & Bars: It’s no longer just about that perfectly brewed coffee or that delicious plate of avo on toast. It's the vibe. People are looking for an experience, now more than ever. A mural can transport you to France, India, Bali, the mountains, the ocean, or even the heart of the Serengeti... it give you those bohemian feels or take you on a trip through time! Murals can get your eateries listed on blogs and published by influencers! All while ensuring your customers come back for more.

  • Yoga Studios, Gyms & All Things Zen: Peaceful landscapes, dynamic patterns, pops of colour, or motivational quotes - murals can amplify the spaces desired ambiance -be it the tranquility of a yoga studio or energy of a gym. Murals set a studio apart from it's competitors.

  • Fashion Brands: Behind every brand is a story. Murals can be a canvas that speaks to a brands ethos, drawing clientele that resonate with their values and style. A mural on a flagship store? That’s Chapter 1 of the brand saga, ensuring customers are hooked from the get-go.

Palm trees and palm leaf boho holistic wall mural

Murals & Profitability: The Art of Cashing In

Now for the golden question: do murals genuinely benefit the bottom line? Dive into any business stats, and you'll find an interesting correlation. Establishments that embrace murals don't just experience a surge in footfall; they often report a healthy bump in revenue. Some estimates whisper numbers around a 15-20% increase. That's the power of art, folks! And for Airbnb's it's proven to increase booking rates of up to 90% in some cases!

The Bigger Picture: Are Murals the Future for businesses, or Just a Fad?

Here's the thing - trends come and go. But emotions and experiences? Those stick. And murals, are all about delivering experiences. Art, is and always has been, rooted in human emotion and connection. Whether it's a desert landscape, a dreamy nightscape, or an abstract play of colours, art has the power to touch souls. And when you touch a soul, you’ve got a customer who’s bound to return. Murals are therefore timeless storytellers, champions of brand messages, and silent salespeople, beckoning customers both old and new.

Final thoughts: Murals Are Here to Stay

Let’s circle back to our burning question: Are wall murals the secret sauce to business success? My two cents? They're the unsung heroes, blending art and commerce seamlessly. As the world evolves, businesses need that extra splash of colour and dash of creativity to attract new customers. So, next time you're pondering a business facelift, maybe let those walls do some talking, a mural might just be the masterpiece you need.

Tropical foliage painted wall mural

Feeling inspired?

If this article left you hankering after your own custom mural, why not get a mural quote now! You can read more about my process on the mural info page.


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